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SD's Sleepover pt2
SD's apartment
7:58 PM

Everyone is playing a heated game of Truth or Dare when Sarr checks his watch
Sarr: Shoot! I have to go!
Jackie: Shoot? When have you become a saint? Every time you get hurt, your like a sailor!
Sarr: Yeah, well, whatever. See you, ladies~
SD: Do you have to go?
Sarr: I know you love me, but I have somewhere to be. *leaves, poking a cork through the bullet hole from earlier*
SD: Hey Gracie, could I have my matches back?
Gracie: N-No!
Benito: That was a close call, SD...You might just lose all fire privileges.
SD: Aw, no fair!
Isabella: Dude, you did almost light her foot on fire...
SD: That was an accident!
Jackie: Oh well...
Benito: Who wants to make cookies?
Isabella: I do, I do!
The girls go on and make cookies. After a while, Gracie lights a candle and burns her fingers, dropping the match. SD goes to put out the fire and ends up passing out, burning her fur. Jackie and Isabella get them all out of the apartment and call a fire department. Th
:iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 1 12
SD's Sleepover pt1
SD's Apartment
Friday night
6:58 PM

SD, Isabella, Benito, Gracie, and Jackie are sitting in scattered places in SD's living room
SD: Hey, guys, how about we learn some of each other's secrets?
Gracie: Teehee~! That would be fun!
Benito: Good idea!
Isabella: Like what?
Jackie: This is going to get awkward fast...
Gracie: Like this that no one else knows, Isabella.
Isabella: I see.
SD: OK, Who wants to go first?
Everyone looks at SD, Silently saying "You, of course."
SD: Fine, fine. Lets see...I once worked for a ramen shop for a year before I met any of you.
Isabella: So that's why it's so good!
SD: Yeah. I pick...Gracie.
Gracie: Um...I...I don't really have any secrets....
SD: Ok then,  Jackie.
Jackie: Do you really want me to?
SD: Yes!
Jackie: Ok, you asked for it. You know how I have the title of Thief? The only reason I have it is because I steal food in order for me and my brothers to survive. Now, I have it because some jerk decided that he doesn't l
:iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 1 10
Don't come closer by SmilingDemon-Bender Don't come closer :iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 1 3 You can't have by SmilingDemon-Bender You can't have :iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 1 29 Who's there? by SmilingDemon-Bender Who's there? :iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 1 0 One down, Six to go by SmilingDemon-Bender One down, Six to go :iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 1 14 Manic in pants. by SmilingDemon-Bender Manic in pants. :iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 3 4 Say what??? by SmilingDemon-Bender Say what??? :iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 1 0 Interesting... by SmilingDemon-Bender Interesting... :iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 1 0 What have I done wrong? by SmilingDemon-Bender What have I done wrong? :iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 1 0 Mess in a Dress by SmilingDemon-Bender Mess in a Dress :iconsmilingdemon-bender:SmilingDemon-Bender 2 19
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"I-i'm not blushing!!"
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Yeah, its heard to tell what I'll ever be doing. I take Requests and Trades and Helpful Criticism.
Don't like my work? Don't look at it! Thats your problem, not mine. If you degrade my work, steal, or complain, I politely request that you take your problems with art somewhere else. I am aware that I don't draw the best, but I'm not a Pro. I am now a major fangirl of Scourge, Silver, Shadow, and (of course) David~~!


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Yeah. For those of you who know, I am moving to this account ->:iconisabellasweets:

So if you want to continue watching me, go to that account. I won't re-post a lot of the stuff I have on here, just stuff I really REALLY love.

Have fun, Re-watching~!

Oh, also, :iconisabellasweets: is the new founder, seeing as she's me.

Also, you have 1 week. Good luck!


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